National Science Seminar Complex

The first National Science Seminar Complex in India has been created on the beautiful verdant campus of the premier Institute of higher learning in the country, the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore through the generous support from Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India, House of Tatas and the IISc. The complex is open for seminars, symposia and conference in the area Science and Technology including Management, organised by recognised scientific societies, educational institutions and related professional bodies. The total built up area of the complex is approximately 5750 sq.m. The complex details are as below:

JN Tata Auditorium

Seats: 750 Steeply raked-almost amphi-theatrical - a viewing gallery for non-participating observers and media personnel, stage with an apron beyond the proscenium arch promoting audience participation as in an intimate theatre. Back stage, there is workshop and truck dock, apart from well appointed change rooms. It also has a separate VIP entrance.

 Foyer space

The foyer space can be used for putting up registration, booking counters and reception desk. A spacious room is available for the organizers to maintain their office during the programme. Upper foyer has interactive space to conduct poster sessions or exhibitions. The Lower foyer, in a wide U shaped environment, can also be used for the said purpose.

Seminar Halls

Three mini auditoria (seats: 120, 90 and 60), steeply raked, offering undisturbed viewing and close proximately to the speakers. The mini halls are also fully air conditioned for a non-distractive windowless containment for the seminar activities. Each seminar hall has a projection room.

Open Air Auditorium

Located on the terrace of the main auditorium, with stage and change-rooms. Access is from main entrance through wide convenient stairways.

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